Help. I don’t know where to plug the the coaxial cable

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I just got my new modem. I don’t know where to plug the coaxial cable. I only se ether plugs for the phone . This is a new place I’m staying at. Idk how to reach someone to speak to them.

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    I had the same problem. I would speak to the landlord and ask Fizz rep what to do. See if your landlord can get a tehnician to come and install the cable and outlet at your place or if he gives you permision to call one. What happens usually (but I don't know in your situation) is that sometimes when a building/house is renovated the socket get drywalled so you can't see it no more nor know where it should be. Also sometimes can be behind furniture and your landlord might know where it's located. That is what I would do. I do not know your situation in particular therefore I can't advice you on what to do.


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