New points of sale for our SIM cards.

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If you or someone you know is looking to get a Fizz SIM card, know that we now have new points of sale.

Fizz vending machines have been installed in 14 Montreal subway stations this summer. And if you’re out and about doing errands, you can also swing by the checkout counter of participating Jean Coutu pharmacies.


Find a point of sale near you with our nice interactive map right here:


But if you’re not planning to step out, as always Fizz SIM cards can be ordered online and delivered to your door 👍


  • Idefizz
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    The capacity to obtain a SIM card to activate a mobile plan without delay, without waiting for a postal service ✔️

    Suggestion: add the phone numbers of participating Jean-Coutu to the map so new clients can check inventory before going.

    Thank you Fizz to continually improve your services!👍️

  • Fizzy
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    It's very nicely setup at the Metro stations! Very accessible and convenient. And $5 for a SIM card? It's just like a time machine! 😄

  • BEBE
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    very good. i paid 15

  • swatt
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    This is a very good news.

  • Mehdi_24
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    Good news, thanks

  • So sad I just bought mine 2 day ago at couche tard for 15$ ;(

  • Mike
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    This is very cool idea!!

  • amml
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    edited September 4

    It's a really good idea. I've bought my 2 last SIM cards at Momtmorency's metro station this summer. Pretty useful.

    I've paid 15$, though.

    Suggestion : the process would be easier if Fizz would also offer eSims. Going digital is the next step.

  • Hi there how ar u all

  • SquikyBird
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    Great. 😃

    Sad that the sim card are not at 5$ everywhere.

  • Sue333
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    I paid 15$ for my SIM card 😤

  • Same here 15$ 😅

  • D_M_O
    D_M_O Posts: 86

    good news but should available in the rest of the province at this price :)

  • gabibel
    gabibel Posts: 39

    very nice


  • Serhio
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    Same here 15$ )

  • ColinCreado
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    normally i just get them at couche tard

  • how long tooks the get our sims cards by mail, i receive a email for a sims card upgrade and nothing after 1 months

  • NightStar
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    Got a new sim card today (Monday, September 19th) at a Montreal Metro for 5$!

  • Je n’ai pas reçu ma carte VoLte

    comment avoir du feedback de FIZZ

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    Bonjour @Gaetan1,

    Je vous invite à nous contacter en privé afin de pouvoir vous guider à ce sujet ou si vous voulez vous pouvez ouvrir un nouveau post à tout moment sur la catégorie Mobilité.😀 On vous attends. ⚡️

    Bien à vous.


  • Andrei_P
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    edited September 24


    Is there a list of those 14 Montreal subway stations with vending machines? Is the price still 5$?

  • Idefizz
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  • Thanks, looks like it's 15$ everywhere. Was today at Awtater, Guy-Concordia and ended up buying it at Peel 😀.

  • Gilles
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    This is a great idea, a 5$ super great idea.