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Good day, wanted to ask about the value of having the Canada + US now that we can no longer make calls (I rarely do that) and SMS text people. For me (and many who I have suggested sign up), the SMS is the kicker here, not everyone has FB Messenger, WhatsApp, etc..and rely on SMS texting. This is particularly for those texting between Android and iPhone as their platform for messaging isn't compatible.

If it is only data that is interchangeable, then just buy the data prior to going to the US since it is all you can use anyway?


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    @Derek L. #12087

    With Facebook Messenger, you can send and receive text messages, as well as video calls with your friends. However, I understand that if you are using text messages for work or business, it is a drawback.

    I've been using Canada + USA since 2019. And now you will pay an small extra $4 per month to use your data and calls in the USA without loosing your phone number ( based on 5Gb monthly plan). It's still a deal, as long as Fizz fixes the VoLTE shortly.


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    Adding 1GB of data = 12$

    Adding the Canada+US plan for a month if you have normally the Quebec plan = 7$ (you have access to your plan data)

    Still more interesting to upgrade your plan. But you need to downgrade with when your back home.

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    Great plan on Canadian market. Cant find a better deal.

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    excellent plan. would be nice to include also voice soon....

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