How fast is the mobile Network on Fizz ?


How fast is the mobile Network on FIzz, and compared to other providers ?

WHen I go on "" using only the LTE+ I hit 25MPBs top. I would have expected a lot more.

Is it possible to increase the speed at some point ?


  • Jess_i88b6
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    Hi @webdavidlarouche

    It depends from the location too.

    I tested right know on my location and I it 54Mbps

  • D_M_O
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    Got 62 Mbps in my area

  • Mataze
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    It all depends of your plan that you have ... and the mobile / computer that you do the test on... and the are that you live in too.

    For my part, I have the plan @ 120 Mbps, and when I do the test, I hit 130 Mbps.

  • webdavidlarouche
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    Hi Mataze, I wasn't talking about Internet. Because, it isn't possible to choose a plan with your mobile provider.

    Anyhow, thank you everyone for your answers. I'm looking to eventually work in some coffee shops, but most of the time, the Internet isn't good. So, I thought I could actually work on my cellphone's data and see how it goes.

    Thing is, I used highly specialized software for architecture, and I need precision. It's working fine on my Internet connection (120mpbs), a little less great on my mobile (25 mbps) but lower than that, it won't work.

    If some of you have tips and tricks to increase my mobile speed, I'm listening.

  • ah727
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    I got 69 Mbps this morning. Speedtest indicated Bell as signal source. Band #4 2050Mhz

  • BEBE
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    150 download 19 upload now

  • BEBE
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    Depends where is antenna located. Closer to you higher speed.