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So, I have 2 perks that give me a rebate on one of the payments of my mobile plan. They both expire on the same date, so I have activated them both for my upcoming payment at the end of the month. They are currently pending

I was wondering if I could adjust my plan in order to take advantage of the full (or at least try) $70 rebate since both perks will apply to my next payment only (from what I can tell). Like, can I get 6 GB of data for this next cycle and then revert back to my usual plan later? As the data carry over month to month, I hope to be able to use them for a little while.

Thanks for your help!

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    Hi @Myname

    Yes you can adjust your plan, however, beware that every time you change the plan you end up paying the actual price, therefore, you don't have the guarantee to have the exact same plan at the same price.

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