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Suddenly my iptv stop working. For almost a year no problem and now boom. I checked with my provider, everything ok. I am pretty sure that the problem is the internet cause every time when I try to open my tv, the connection with the internet is cut. Does fizz block it?

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    Hi Valy28

    Is the internet WiFi working on your other devices? If not, please try restarting your modem.

    Please check the WiFi settings on your TV to ensure it is well connected.

    You can also try changing these modem settings:

    Logon to (user: cusadmin and your wifi password)

    - you can enable UPnP (allows devices to open the necessary ports themselves)

    General >> Gateway >> UPNP >> Enable

    - put the device in DMZ (with the IP address of your iptv, which should start with 192.168.xx )

    General >> DMZ >> Enable DMZ >> Enable

    If the problem continues, you can contact customer support by chat:

    1- Connect to your Fizz account by clicking « Login » in the top right corner at fizz.ca

    2- Any ad blockers in your browser should be disabled.

    3- Click on this link: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/none-my-devices-can-access-internet-wi-fi-or-using-cable-how-do-i-fix-it

    4- The green chat bubble should appear after a few seconds in the bottom right corner

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