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Hello folks,

I want to buy Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G phone, which is $50 per month, and my current plan is $35. my question is, does the $50 include the plan, or do I have to pay the plan separately which is going to be $85?

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    Hi! As mentionned above the 2 payements would be different, you have your plan, and you have the financement of the phone in the numbers of payemebts you decide to have. Personally, I prefer that than when phone conpanies include it into the price and your contrat stays the sameprice until you réalise it and they made a ton of money on your back.


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    Hi Saeid1

    If you finance your phone purchase, the payments are made separately to PayBright.

    So it would be $50+tax to PayBright

    And $35 to Fizz for your phone plan. You are free to change your plan as needed to suit your needs from month to month.

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