How can i order a phone if i don't have an identity card with photo

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Since I am not 18 yet I don't have an identity card with photo but to receive the phone during the delivery I need one to prove it is me. I can ask my parents or siblings to receive it but I don't want to put their name in my account. I only have my birth certificate and health insurance card without photo. I am ready to order, what can I do?

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    How will you be paying for the phone?

    If you are using a family member's credit card, here is what Fizz states -

    The billing address proposed by the system when you place your order must be an exact match to the one on your credit card statement. If they don’t match perfectly, add another address, and copy/paste your credit card address.

    The billing address used when you place your order will be automatically used as the shipping address. The package will be addressed to the credit card holder. This person will have to show a valid photo ID with their name and address, and sign upon delivery.

    So you can use your name on the Fizz account. However the phone must be received by the person whose credit card was used to pay for the phone.


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