going to university outside of the fizz network zone?

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I'm with fizz and it's great. But I'm going to be going to university in Waterloo for the next 8 months. While I have Canada coverage, is it okay that most of my usage for the next while will be on Fizz EXT networks?

I tried finding an answer, and it looks like there was a link on this page that might have been helpful:

Specially this part:

If you see FIZZ EXT as the network name on your phone, this means you are no longer on the Fizz network. You can use your Fizz mobile services thanks to our agreements with partner networks, but the majority of your usage, however, must be done within your subscription area (whatever your coverage area is). Learn more about the usage limits while on partner networks. 

But that link is broken. Has anyone done this successfully?

Thanks ..

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