Videotron offering better value mobile plans than Fizz, its 'supposedly' value brand.

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I am considering switching from Fizz to another mobile carrier. I checked Videotron offerings and found that it is offering better value than Fizz....example: 10GB/mo, Canada-wide, voicemail and WIFI calling/texting for $40/mo and Videotron offers customer service by phone and in-store services. This is less expensive and offering more customer service options than Fizz. If Fizz is supposed to be the discount carrier option to its premium parent company Videotron, why isn't Fizz less expensive?! The fizz has gone out of Fizz and they are falling flat.

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    It’s true that the gap is not that clear but still interesting to be with fizz if you looking for something under 40$.

    With the rollover, it’s more interesting.


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    I'm only seeing the $40 10GB/month plan if I bundle it with Videotron internet services. Otherwise it shows up as $50. With Fizz, the equivalent plans would be either $40 for 8GB, or $45 for 12GB. Also, I don't think that Videotron offers the data carry-over for unused data.

    So I'm seeing some savings with Fizz over Videotron. Maybe not as much as I wish, but some savings regardless.

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    De ce que je vois, tu dois prendre internet à la maison + mobile pour avoir le 10 gigs a 40$ par mois

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    Oups, I reponse in french! But it seems possible to have the 4gb + 10 in bouns for 40$

  • Correction to my original post, the $40/mo for a 10GB/mo plan is if you bundle with home internet, otherwise is $50/mo. As does Fizz, Videotron highlights the lower price in big characters and then the consumer must surf through the weeds to find the mobile-only price. For a company that promotes itself as being different from the Big 3 mobile carriers, its practices are similar in many ways. Fizz was a significantly better value but that gap is not clear anymore.

  • Doomdrou
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    Fizz has rollovers and perks, while the Videotron price is a discount for a multiple service bundle.

    I still think Fizz's price is more interesting and has more value overall...

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