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So, my phone has been stolen and I wanted to purchase a preloved phone of Fizz. I know that the search engine for preloved phones is horrible since you have to press each one of the phones to see if they have them in stock but the guarantee that comes with it and the fact that the phones are not previously damaged, makes it sound like a good deal. Did anyone have any experience with purchasing a preloved phone and was it good?

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    I bought a preloved iPhone for my teenager and this one was and is still in perfect condition, the battery condition was, at the delivery of 100%, and after several months of use is now 96%. God knows how much time a teenager of his generation spends on his phone as soon as he has the opportunity, so in these circumstances, I am just as satisfied as he is with this purchase made on Fizz’s platform.


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    Got the Iphone SE 2020 in perfect condition for a good deal! I recommend the preloved phones!

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    Everyone I know who purchased a preloved phone from Fizz/Videotron is satisfied. Phones are in great condition and battery life is like new. It's a very good option if you don't want to pay the full price of a new phone.

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