Price of 1gb has gone up?

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I only use about 200-500mb every month, so I usually alternate between paying 19$ for unlimited call only, and paying 22-23$ for 1gb of data every month. But this month I realised that the price for 1gb+call is now 26$ !!! Is this an error or by design?

At this kind of price it's no longer worth to stay with fizz..

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    The price for specific plans only stay the same if you keep the same plan. Once you change it, you're subject to any price increase. Since you alternate between plans, that might be why you noticed the change!

    For the 1GB+unlimited calls plans, it's been priced at 26$/month for at least 7-8 months (source: I have had this plan since the end of november)

    I agree it's expensive, but it's much less expensive than many other carriers in Canada, with the data rollover bonus. Weigh your options!


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    I understand your frustration, seeing the price of something go up is never fun. But as someone who just moved to Fizz I want to point out a couple of things. First, if you want to leave Fizz because they increased the price and you think other carriers won't, be careful with expectations; the reason (well, the last straw really) I moved to Fizz is because my previous provider (who Shall Not Be Named) hiked up the price of my CURRENT plan without any advance warning and without even an acknowledgemet after the fact. Second, I shopped around quite a bit before settling on Fizz, and everyone else is so much more expensive it's not even funny, and especially since it seems that like me you're looking for a more "basic" plan with only a bit of data. To compare: my previous plan was $45 for 2Gb of data and unlimited calls, and I didn't have any of the other advantages like data rollover or cheap roaming data (I had to pay $16/day just to ACCESS the 2Gb of data that I was already paying $45 for...)

    Whatever you decide to do, best of luck and I hope you find a solution that you like!

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