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Hi !

I would like to know if as a Fizz member I can make or receive any calls or text messages once I am physically in the United States. I noticed that as of July 2, only the LTE network is functional in the United States. In the Community Hub, there are people saying that if a member has a VoLTE sim card, there would be no issue and it would be business as usual. I just wanted to confirm in order to see if a subscription to a US Canada plan would be worthwhile for me. Thanks!

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    VoLTE is available... I've got VoLTE pretty much very in Quebec, Ontario, NB, NE and IPE.

    I have the new SIM card and an iPhone.

    I was in Syracuse last weekend. My phone was roaming on AT&T or T-Mobile LTE. I was able to make calls and send/receive SMS. It staid on LTE all the time.

    Only once when I try to make a call, LTE signal was very low... it dropped to 3G and call failed. It went back to LTE a few seconds later... and I was able to make my call.


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    Hi Needinfo

    Ask your question directly to Fizz for the right answer

    Here's how to contact customer service

    Then you press the interrogation point (?) at the bottom right and all you have to do is choose the platform to contact them.

    Chatting is the only fast and efficient method because you interact directly with customer service.

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    USA is a big country, it may depend on where you are going.

    I was in north eastern USA 2 weeks ago, and you could still make calls through roaming T-Mobile, as T-Mobile still uses 2G GSM networks for calls. Also some Fizz users in Hawaii and Alaska report that calls are still available through 3G networks.

    As for VoLTE, these 4G LTE calls are not available in Quebec, nor in the USA, as far as I know.

    With all the Fizz users currently in the USA, very few have reported total calls interruptions on the forums.

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