Are other Long-term Fizz customers being treated as badly by customer service as I was?

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I travel to the US and all over Canada extremely frequently for work, so when Fizz launched, I signed up early on to their Canada-US plan. It was a nightmare to use at first as there were outages all the time, problems connecting to the EXT network when I'd get off a plane, etc... But that got resolved.

On several occasions, I found myself unable to make calls while traveling the US. I was able to receive calls, but not make them. I let it slide as I was able to manage around it.

Today, I received an email announcing that 3G is being discontinued in the US and I will no longer have access to voice/text messaging. This is a bit of an issue as 2 factor authentication is a thing.

After browsing the forums, I found out that I could get around that with a voLTE sim. Fizz has announced they'd send them out for free for longer-term clients, but that they could take a while to arrive. Many people posted on reddit and here that they had gotten them free by getting customer service to credit them or send them one.

Waiting for Fizz to send me one doesn't really work for me as I travel to the US on a monthly basis, so I contacted customer support. Was answered by Alexandru, who kept insisting that I go buy one and that Fizz wouldn't credit me because I was going to "get a free one" when it's my turn, but that he couldn't tell me when that would be. Then he adds that he spoke to a higher up and was told that they "never credit people for purchases of sim cards if they're on the list to get a free one"... This doesn't make any sense to me.

I'm paying monthly for a service, to access US roaming which I won't be able to use anymore until I get a voLTE sim card and if I change my plan, I lose beta pricing.

It's not the end of the world to pay 15$, but it's more the principle of the fact that I've been with fizz for over 5 years, a company that advertises itself on "taking care of loyal customers", and I find myself in a position being told that I'm not important by a CSR.

Have things like this happened to any of you recently as well?


  • Jess_i88b6
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    Hi @Adam A. #3745

    In their email, they never said that with a new SIM you will be able to use it

    They said that it will not work

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    I feel the same way. I had a chat with them about this and honestly they don’t care at all. Told me they can do little to nothing and they found out today. They couldn’t care less about customers going to the States.

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    Seriously, Fizz customer servioce is very not on point ... and they need to adjust major things otherwise they will loose a lot of customers. Yes we were all aware that it is an online business and that the client service wasn't the main priority and that is the main reasons for low prices and plans. But I think there is a certain minimum that Fizz should provide and right now, they are not trying to adjust in order to offer a minimum of service.

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    Until Fizz supports VoLTE on its own network, I don’t think VoLTE can be an option while roaming.

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    Nothing new here, every and each business care about the money and only the money.

    There is a minimum costumer service offered and that's it, they won't go above and beyond to keep getting your 15$ or beta price each month. After all the changes they made to plans prices 1 new customer is worth 2 or 3 beta customer like you. your loyalty means nothing and don't get me started about principles.