$40 rebate perks for internet plan

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If I sign up for the internet plan can I apply both perks right away when activated or do I need to wait till 2nd month to apply the 2nd perk?

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    you can actually activate both, however I recommend you read this before you do:

    If applicable, perks have a specific expiry date and the reward associated with a perk also has a specific period of validity. It is possible that some perks can only be activated on a newly activated Fizz plan. In the case of monetary perks applicable to your Fizz payments, if the credit offered exceeds the amount of your payment, the residual amount cannot be rolled over to the next month (and will simply be lost).

    Source: https://fizz.ca/en/my-rewards-policy


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    Hey, my friend,

    I have the exactly same situation like yours.

    First of all, you'd better check the expiry date of your 2 coupons. If they are long enough to cover your two payments, then you can use just one of them for your first purchase and save the 2nd one for your next Home Internet payment. In this way, you can enjoy $80 without any waste.

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