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I'm traveling to the US, my plan includes US Canada coverage. Am I able to use my phone like normal in the US? Will their be an extra roaming charges or other charges that will show up on my invoice ?

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    @Esciacca Hi,

    If you have the US and Canada coverage then no extra charge. For sure, for data, it depends on what is included in your plant but when your data is depleted, if you have no fund to your wallet, you will not have any data any more so will not be charge extra for data


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    Fizz is prepaid service. If you haven't paid for a service or have available funds to your wallet, you won't be able to use that service. You won't find any surprise billing afterwards.

    While abroad, be sure to enable the roaming option on your phone. Texts and data should work fine. Some members have mention that calls aren't working because the US providers have been shutting down their 3G network. So you may want have a backup plan for calls like using a VOIP app, or other chat apps (Messenger, Instagram, Facetime,...)

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    the coverage area you choose determines the expanse of the calls and texts included in your plan. If you choose the Canada/USA coverage for instance, you can make or receive calls anywhere in these country. But with a Quebec coverage, a call made or receive from Vancouver or New-York for example would not be included in your plan, and you’d have to buy a Travel Add-on.

    • If you chose unlimited calls when creating your plan, you can make or receive as many calls as you like when you are within your coverage area. 
    • Incoming texts are always free, whether you’re within your coverage area or not, and whether you opted for unlimited texts or not. 

    When you are within your coverage area:

    • Plan with unlimited texts: all text messages you send are included, whatever their destination is.

    Calling within your coverage area:

    • Any call you make within your coverage area is considered a local call. If you choose the Canada coverage for instance, a call from Montreal to Vancouver will be local. 
    • When you are in your coverage area, any call you receive, even those coming from abroad, are considered and billed as a local call.
    • If your plan includes unlimited calls, you can make (and receive) as many local calls as you want within your coverage area. 
    Mobile data

    The mobile data included in your plan must be used when you are within your coverage area. Outside your coverage area, you must buy an Add-on or add funds to your Fizz wallet to pay per use


    The calls received on your voicemail are not billable whether you are in or out of your coverage area. 

    Once voicemail is activated on your plan, you’ll have to set it up. Once that is done, learn how to use it.

    If you’re having trouble accessing your voicemail, click here

    Checking your voicemail when you are within your coverage area won’t cost you anything. When you are outside your coverage area, however, you must dial 1-514-647-0999 to access it, and you will be billed the applicable per-minute rate based on whether you opted for a Travel Add-on or pay per use.


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    Make sure your Canada + USA plan has been activated, if you included it recently. Go to your account, type PLAN - should see Canada + USA . The plan is activated automatically in the next billing period.

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    If ever you have a weak data reception, you can try switching airplane mode on and off (leave airplane mode on about 15 seconds). T-Mobile is the roaming provider in the USA. Along with using 4G data networks T-Mobile still uses 2G networks, good for calls, but extremely slow for data.

    Switching airplane mode on and off often resets to 4G mode

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