Bad Quality SIM Card?

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I replaced my SIM card and now the quality of my phone is not good, everything seems less sharp my photos look like crap. Is there anything I can do, is that as good as it gets or do I need another SIM card?

For my other line, my wife's phone, can I use my my exisiting account to activate her SIM card or do I have to create another acount? Yesterday when I tried to switch her card it seemed as if she needed to create an account with you guys, meaning the would be 2 seperate invoices. Is that true?

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    The SIM card affects your phone calls, texting and mobile data usage. Every mobile provider places a limit on the size of MMS attachments. Your previous provider may have higher limits. Is this what you are referring to?

    If you are referring to photos taken on your phone camera, this has nothing to do with the SIM card. For this, you can adjust the photo quality via your camera app settings.

    For your other line, you can activate it on your account or with a new account. The choice is really yours to make. If you use a new account, there is a one time benefit to use the referral code. Once the line is activated, it cannot be moved or transferred to another Fizz account.

    Every Fizz service is billed separately. So it will be 2 separate invoices regardless whether the services are on the same account or different accounts.


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    It was immediatetly after i inserted the Fizz SIM card that my phone lost its crystal crisp image. nothing to do with settings.

    If your saying the SIM card is not responsible than I guess I have a decision to make, because as far as I'm concerend it does. But I hear you, 'a SIM card doesnt affect quality', I hear you, but it did it has!

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    resrart your phone

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