What speed should I take for my internet?

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What speed should I take for my internet ?

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    @Pierre3925 Hi, Please have a look at this FAQ : https://fizz.ca/en/faq/which-speed-should-i-choose

    The ideal speed for your Fizz Home Internet service will depend on the number of devices connected to your network, and the amount of data their online activities require. A plan with a higher speed implies more bandwidth, which will in turn accommodate a larger volume of data traffic. 

    If you are browsing and checking your email, you will need fewer Mbps. If several people at your address will be watching video streaming or playing games, there will be more data traffic on your network, and more Mbps will therefore be needed to make the experience enjoyable for everyone.  


    How to choose the right download/upload speed:
    • 10 Mbps: A person can check their emails, stream music. 
    • 15 Mbps: One person checking email, browsing online, streaming music. 
    • 30 Mbps: One device will be able to stream video. 
    • 60 Mbps: You’ll be able to download large files, play games and stream simultaneously on multiple devices. 
    • 120 Mbps: Several people will access your network, and perform online activities such as online gaming or streaming. 
    • 200 Mbps: our fastest access to accommodate multiple users, multiple devices and/or multiple bandwidth-hungry activities such as online multiplayer games, simultaneous downloads and 4K or HD video streaming among other things. 

    The 120 and 200 Mbps accesses are subject to the traffic management policy. For more details, visit https://fizz.ca/en/faq/internet-traffic-management-policy 



    Along with the speed of your plan, you should not underestimate the importance of your modem’s location, and the distance between the connected device and your modem. 

    - The location: Don’t install your Wi-Fi modem in the basement, but in the centre of the house, in an open space, without physical obstacles. In other words, hiding it behind the aquarium, or in the back of the closet is not a good idea. Also keep it away from interfering devices like the microwave or baby monitor. 

    - The distance: The farther away the device, the more the speed decreases, and the device ends up receiving a residual speed. 


    Here are a few approximate examples of average use (it should be noted that the flows shown in the table are when the wireless connection is ideal, without interference or congestion): 

    • Type of serviceBandwithData ConsumptionYouTubeUHD 4K: 6 to 10 Mbps
    • 1080p: 4.5 Mbps
    • 720p: 2.5 Mbps
    • 480p: 2 Mbps
    • UHD 4K: 2.7 to 4.5 GB/hour
    • 1080p: 2 GB/hour
    • 720p: 1.1 GB/hour
    • 480p: 450 MB/hour
    • Music streamingAudio quality: 320 Kbps
    • Audio quality: 96 Kbps
    • Audio quality 320 Kbps: 50 MB/hour
    • Audio quality 96 Kbps: 44 MB/hour

    Video streaming

    • (Other than YouTube)High video quality: 5 Mbps
    • Medium video quality: 2.5 Mbps
    • Low video quality: 256 Kbps
    • High video quality: 2 GB/hour
    • Medium video quality: 1 GB/hour
    • Low video quality: 115 MB/hour

    Video conference

    (Skype, Facetime and others)

    • 7 people: 8 Mbps
    • 5 people: 4 Mbps
    • 3 people: 2 Mbps
    • 7 people: 8 Mbps: 3.6 GB/hour
    • 5 people: 4 Mbps: 1.8 GB/hour
    • 3 people: 2 Mbps: 900 MB/hour


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    Pierre, Refer to the above post, How many in your house will be using the internet? will you be watching T.V. and downloading large files at the same time? Start with with 30Mbps, if you see it's not enough then you can change it to higher speed, no stress.

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    Hello @Pierre3925

    Be carefull, if you look online tv shows with 10 Mbps speed, the advertisements will lag and it is very annoying and 15 Mbps is no more available. So 30 Mbps is a good choice but if you need more, you should know that the 120 Mbps speed is at the same price than the 60 Mbps plan until july 12th.

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    The post by @Fizzaddict is quite good. It usually comes down to personal preference. I have the 120 plan and never experienced any speed issues and I have all my smart devices and gaming consoles in the same network.

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    Thanks for the answer

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