Free mobile data, who is interested?

A7740 Posts: 5
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I have 3GB of mobile data. who is interested?


  • A7740
    A7740 Posts: 5

    Leave me the code, i'll send you some

  • Me!!! Please!! I'm going to a chalet to work and I just learn that the internet over there is down... :(

    My code is 9B8J5

  • A7740
    A7740 Posts: 5

    Just sent you some data

  • A7740
    A7740 Posts: 5
    Provide your phone#, I will send you more Data from my Perks

  • A7740
    A7740 Posts: 5

    Anyone needs more data, let me know your email or phone#

  • sinol
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    Hi all, I'm almost out of data and If anyone can gift me any data, I'd be very grateful.

    My code is M6BAV. 

    Should I wright my phone number too?


  • Ophelianne
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    Hi there @A7740 ! I am a student and have no more data for the 8 next days. I usually use it at school because their wifi connection always crashes or malfunction...any help would be greatly appreciated . ! Thank you :)) C1MMD and phone number 5147042218


  • afei
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    @A7740 my phone number: 5145852514

    Thank you!

  • Zef
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    ABC2Z Thank you in advance!

  • Vasiok

    Congratulations for your generosity! Keep going!

  • eveve
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    Hi, if you have data left, I do need some data that you can spare

    XJEHG & 4385099195

  • Fizzz277483
    Fizzz277483 Posts: 7


    438 528 3831

    I underestimated the amount of data i need this month (working in the north) so that would be appreciated!

  • Hello @A7740, cheers for offering to gift your surplus data. If you have any remaining and decide to gift some to me, my code is 73TF9.

    Happy Fizzing.

  • Siu T.
    Siu T. Posts: 3

    Me please !


    Thank you!

  • Sam_Y
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    Hi, I'm late but I'll take my chances if you have any left:



  • nooraldeen
    nooraldeen Posts: 23

    Hello, i just moved in a new apartement and wifi won't be installed before 25th of july, i Really need some GB. Thanks to all donors !

    My code is CVBHR

  • Camilia
    Camilia Posts: 2

    Hi! I'm almost out of data for this month and I need some for my new job. If you have some remaining and could gift it to me, I'd appreciate it a lot.

    My code is : I1G6N


  • Amelamy
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    Hello. i just moved and my wifi won't be installed soon. I really need some GB Please. Thanks to everyone that will help be !

    my code : 4KQ1R

  • esie34
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    Hi, I have unfortunately run out of data for the current billing phase and still have 5 days to go until the next phase. I will be grateful If anyone has any extra data they can give. 

    My code: FMVH7

  • Hi

    can you send me some data pwetty pease