Mobile data in Chicago - a terrible experience !

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I had a terrible experience with Fizz in Chicago. I prepaid 2 GB of US travel data with Fizz for my few days stay there. However I was 99 % of the time connected with 3G only which was so slow that was difficult to use any data at all. So most of the time I was looking to connect to some of the free wifi connections. So now I have most of the travel data left when I'm back to Canada.

Does anyone know if this is normal? I mean did anyone have similar experience?

Is there a way to force 4G? I don't think I have control over this. My phone settings are set to 4G and there were a few short flashes when I had 4G for a total of a few minutes I guess (at least it was indicated as 4G but the speed wasn't really showing this). And I haven't been anywhere where the connection is supposed to be bad - I was literally downtown most of the time.

And just to clarify this - this is not my first time in US (however in other states) with the same phone and same plan and I never had any problems before. In fact because the data was going so fast before I prepaid 2 GB - such a mistake!

Also does anyone know what I can do now with the unused travel data - I guess nothing. I guess I can't complain to Fizz either because of the really bad connection ...


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    It could have something to do with the fact that the US is in the process to shut down their 3G network or it was simply a local issue. Can sometimes happen. Luckily I had never problems with data abroad :)

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    Things to check:

    You have to activate data roaming

    You must choose LTE/WCDMA/GSM (auto connect)

    You must choose a supplier (probably T-Mobile or AT&T)

    Once done, activate Airplane mode for 10 seconds, and then remove Airplane mode

    Good luck

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    You can also check what the Fizz app says about your plan.

    Go to Fizz app - type PLAN - type MANAGE

    Unfortunately, I use a Canada + USA plan, not add-ons, but this menu tells me if my plan is activated or not. Maybe you can get information on the status of your plan.

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    just came back from US. Fizz was awesome. Sometimes depends also your phone bands Lte..... there is other network not Fizz. Your phone is connecting there to other network that was setup for their, in roaming, short visitors only. We have to adapt to what they offer. LTE networks use different bands and phones are doing the same. Fizz has the agreement for us to be able to roam there but our phone is the one who finally connects to that network. Technically with a european/asian lte phone is possible to not be able to have access to all LTE bands in US....and this is how you can get no signal. Just my opinion.

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    As I mentioned I've been to different parts of US multiple times - this was the only time I had bad experience and I was wondering if it is somehow related to the state/city . I understand the technicality of the cell data connection and even my phone is supposed to support the LTE frequences in US - I don't completely rule out that it has some issue itself.

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    AT&T and T-Mobile are major US mobile providers, and they have about completed 3G phase-out. Fizz phone calls work only on 3G networks. Unless Fizz roaming partners in the USA process Fizz phone calls through VoLTE, Fizz users will not be able to make phone calls in the USA.

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    I have no fixes to give, but i corroborate your experience: i just passed a week in San Fransisco and i ended up buying a eSim online to fix that garbo roaming data that i bought as addon with fizz...

    30$ for 2gb at fizz.

    The esim was 10usd and was hassle-free. 🤨

    Definitely going to reconsider getting addon stuff next time!

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    I just had a similar issue traveling in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut. 2G networks are still available (I haven't noticed ANY 3G AVAILABLE, THEY ARE GONE!). T-Mobile says it will continue to use 2G GSM and EDGE data networks until the end of 2022. 2G calls are OK, but 2G EDGE data is extremely slow. When you lose your 4G LTE connection, 2G takes over your phone, and when 4G LTE is back, 2G still holds on to your phone. What I do, is I switch to airplane mode 15 seconds, then remove airplane mode, and 4G LTE comes back.

    To see what's going on connexion-wise, I suggest you download Network Signal Info app from PlayStore.

    Good luck

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    You have to activate data roaming