how to get replacement VoLTE sim ASAP?

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Fizz has advised that 3G sim card holders will be invited to order a free replacement VoLTE sim card. There are no dates or timelines for when this will happen. (See link below for their official communication about it.) Does anyone know if there is a process to request a VoLTE sim card sooner than when we are "invited" to order new ones?

I need to travel to the USA at the end of June, and in the middle of August, and will have an active Canada-USA plan at those times, but as best I can tell most of the 3G networks are offline or will be by 30 June and so I won't have calling capacity.

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    Hello @Amy G., I suggest you reach out to Fizz Customer Service and request one. Another option is if you do not receive one before your trip, buy one, switch over your number and ask Fizz to credit you the purchase amount.


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    You can purchase a new VoLTE compatible Sim card at Couche-tard stores. See list of stores offering Fizz Sim cards.

    This new Sim card has a red lightning spark in the center and costs about 10.50$ plus taxes

    For now, even though many newer phones can allow VoLTE, the Fizz network does not support VoLTE. However, in the United States, you will be roaming through US networks providers. But I can't confirm that US providers will support VoLTE for Fizz customers because I don't have that information. But if you have activated the new Sim card and if the US network providers allow VoLTE, you will avoid problems which no one hopes for when they are in a foreign country.

    As you probably know, phone calls don't normally use 4G LTE networks, they use GSM (2G) and WCDMA 3G networks. 4G is used for data only. VoLTE, when available, allows 4G LTE networks to make phone calls on these networks.

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    I had a chat with Fizz support on the web; they have no timing / deadline of when these will be sent out. I did read on Fizz sub-reddit that one customer received the new VoLTE SIM via mail one day ago.

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    Just to add to the converations. SimplyConnect aka Cityphone aka Zoomer Wireless (owned by Rogers) has sent subscribers of their Canada / USA plans that due to shutdown of 3G wireless in the US ….”On July 1, 2022, Cityfone will be removing the U.S. roaming features from your current plan (such as U.S. roaming voice minutes, texting and data) and renaming it to a Canada-wide plan.” They will discount the plan $20 due to this change. As a result, a lot of customers who want a Canada / USA plan will be looking for alternatives. I am interested in Fizz …they are offering a Canada / US mobile plan but they seem to have mixed messages posted on their website about how and when they intend to enhance services to be able to provide a continuing Canada / USA plan as 3G is shut down in the states.

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    @Amy G. It's a very good suggestion and It would be nice if it were so simple. Fizz is very slow issuing the new Sim card, and there is probably a good reason. What I think is that Fizz doesn't want to be overwhelmed by Sim card activations.

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    Bought from Gatineau today Coche Tard. They have a smaller package format and the sim has the red thunder on it.

    Excellent customer service from Fizz chat online by the way ! Alex was awesome.

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    Il n'y a plus rien qui fonctionne sur mon cellulaire

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    restart the phone, take the sim out, place it other phone. try it

  • BEBE
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    another phone is the best choice in this case.

  • BEBE
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    to get a sim card is very easy to buy a new one online. im not gonna wait until maybe they will send me one.

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    VoLTE is the way to go for Fizz. there is no other option for 3G shutdown networks in US. They have to launch VoLTE asap. July 1st coming soon. Also they have to hear that we need wifi calling too ! So Im going to buy a new sim manana !

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