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I currently have internet with another company and as we are moving, I am looking at changing the provider. I see a lot of comments of people saying their internet is down. Is this a common occurance for everyone? Has anyone never had any problem with their internet and where are you located? I am in the Montreal region.

Also regarding the upgrades, I see we can use only three at the time. Is it 3 for mobile and 3 for internet or 3 all together? I currently have a total of 4$ discount (1, 1 and 2) for internet so I was thinking to take the 10Mb which would cost me 35$. Anyone can confirm how the upgrade or perks work and give feedback for 10 Mb speed?

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    With Fizz internet, there is no contract. Installation is included (unless you opt for VIP installation) and moving cost is free as well. If you need to cancel early, the monthly charge is prorated, so you will get a refund for any unused days.

    If you can, subscribe to Fizz to try it out, but don't cancel your existing home internet until you are satisfied that Fizz is working well for you.

    As for the upgrades, it is maximum 3 per plan. So you'll pay the regular price $39+taxes for the first month. Once you apply your 3 upgrades, you'll be eligible for the $4 monthly discount going forward.

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