Good day!

I have been without any data for 3 weeks because my cycle didn't reset and I've been waiting for technical support to fix it for 3 weeks and I'm still waiting. If any still have any of the 1gb perks that Fizz gave, I would greatly appreciate if someone or someones could gift 1 to me. I have tried simple data gifting but that does not work. Only the perk it seems.

I will refund the data times 2 to anyone willing to help. Thanks in advance!


  • Jessy_ref_i88b6
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    Hi @Krevaan

    I only have a perks, but in order to gift it to you I need your phone number or email

    I will send you a PM

  • Krevaan
    Krevaan Posts: 6

    Offer is still valid! 2gb in return for every 1gb perk :) I still need data to finish my cycle hoping next one will work!

  • daydreaming
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    @Krevaan Do you still need? I have up to 5G Perks to give. If you need, PM me your email or phone. You don't need to return data to me once your plan works. You can just gift to others who need.