Did you have any issues with your cell after the thunderstorm in Ottawa?

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In Orleans I made calls and send txt with no problem after thunderstorm. Fizz Data was on LTE+ or H+ but no internet. The other phone I have on Telus had the same no internet. I went to sleep and in the morning everything came back to normal.

How was your experience ?


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    Hi @BEBE

    with yesterday weather conditions, in some places there is a problem with the cellular tower too.

    I am in Montreal and luckily I don't have any problem.

  • BEBE
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    the weather was really bad . hope everybody is ok. that s the most important. i was happy i was able to make calls. in critical conditions making calls is a priority imo vs data.

  • kokoboko
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    mine was ok

  • brouleau21
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    No issue for me, I am on the Gatineau side, downton Hull, just on the other side of the bridge.

    Actually, thanks to Fizz gifts, My phone is my new hotspot for the whole house and it works beatifully!


  • Fran
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    Both my phones still have no service, we’re between Gatineau and Montreal. No internet, no texting, and calls don’t always work. Very frustrating

  • BEBE
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    Fran, this is frustrating. I agree. Hope everything is ok now.

  • Fizzaddict
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    Hope you are fine now