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I'm a Fizz internet customer, for my mobil I'm with Videotron.

How do I switch my mobil account to Fizz?

I know I have to choose my plan, and order the chip. My question is what are the activation details.

When do I install the Fizz SIM chip?

Do I need to contact Videotron to cancel?

What overlaping time would I need between Videtron and Fizz?

Would the mobil invoicing be included with the internet invoice, on the same date?

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    Hi @Tiffna4u

    Do not cancel your Videotron plan, the transfer will close automatically your videotron account when the transfer will be completed, this is the guide

    You will install the Fizz SIM in the phone, when you will receive the email confirming that the transfer is completed

    You will not need any overlap, since the transfer will take care of everything

    You will receive 2 different invoice, at the date of your plan anniversary

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