Data to give away / Données à donner



  • Domingo
    Domingo Posts: 6

    Please send me some data if you still have any left.

    my code is: SKKFK

    Many thanks.

  • If you have any left, it would be a lifesaver!! Thanks!


  • sinol
    sinol Posts: 17

    Hi all, I'm almost out of data and If anyone can gift me any data, I'd be very grateful.

    My code is M6BAV. 

    Should I wright my phone number too?


  • Noshirt
    Noshirt Posts: 2

    Hi my code is 4ABAP

    Thank you!

  • Zef
    Zef Posts: 74

    Hi.My code is ABC2Z Thank you in advance!

  • Dabsi
    Dabsi Posts: 18

    Thanks :). EO65U

  • Terked
    Terked Posts: 11

    If you still have some here's my code EFG7J 😎

  • Thank you so much! Received.

  • schnpai
    schnpai Posts: 2



  • fizzywizzy
    fizzywizzy REFERRAL CODE RÉFÉRENCE: RO3DZPosts: 13

    If you still are giving data, I could use some, my kids drained all my data on vacation!




  • Hi I need data badly. This new job is killing me. Fizz won't let me change my plan for this month.

    My code: 95YSD


  • Hi I need data badly. This new job is killing me. Fizz won't let me change my plan for this month.

    My code: 95YSD


  • Amelamy
    Amelamy Posts: 6

    Hello. i just moved and my wifi won't be installed soon. I really need some GB Please. Thanks to everyone that will help be !

    my code : 4KQ1R - 4KQ1R - 4KQ1R - 4KQ1R - 4KQ1R - 4KQ1R - 4KQ1R

  • heyy il on a road trip and I sadly don’t have very much data left is it possible for anyone to give some??

  • Hayatte
    Hayatte Posts: 6

    I need some data here is my code : SIOM3

    Thanks !

  • Vasiok
    Vasiok Posts: 107

    Hey guys, the message is from may, I don't think it's valid anymore.

    Did someone received any MB?

  • Here is My code K74AJ

    Thank you in advance

  • Deh
    Deh Referal code DWI11Posts: 493

    This is an old post but i'll try my luck


    Would need some :)

  • Earl A.
    Earl A. Posts: 11

    Salut. Pouvez-vous partager des données avec moi si vous en avez encore ? Merci d'avance ! Mon code de référence est 5NP82.

    Hi. Can you share data with me if you still have some? Thanks in advance! My ref code is 5NP82.

  • Hi if you still got some data to give away you would make my day ! Also, I can send some back to you next month if you want. Add-on are so expensive i'm completly out of data ...

    Have an excellent day!

    Code: 39NG7


  • Anyone as some data to give away?!

    Code 39NG7

    Thanks! Enjoy your day!!

  • Bala E.
    Bala E. Posts: 25

    If you still have some. Thank you L95OF

  • FlofloQC18
    FlofloQC18 Posts: 60

    Omg 3KHSZ please i'm out and on a road trip!!! Thank you ❤️

  • Dabsi
    Dabsi Posts: 18

    Mine is EO65U. Much appreciated

  • Vasiok
    Vasiok Posts: 107

    Did someone received any data? Because it seems that this is an old thread .

  • If you still have some i would really appreciate. My code is 1T6A7