does fizz have a mobile app

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Found a mobile app for fizz in the app store but it is asking for access number and password? Where can I find those details.

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    Hi @WOOF325

    You downloaded the IP Relay services which needs the credentials

    The Fizz IP Relay app is part of a whole series of measures put in place to help people with disabilities, in this case more particularly those with hearing and/or speech disorders.

    If you are in the needs of this app, here the info how to obtain them.

    • The 711 IP Relay Service is tailored to the needs of people with hearing and/or speech impairment who need to use a Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TTY) or other devices to communicate with third parties.
    • The IP relay service is can respond adequately to two types of calls:
      • Voice carry over (VCO) allows a hearing impaired person who is able to speak to use their voice while receiving operator-typed responses from a person who is able to hear
      • Hearing carry over (HCO) allows a person who is speech-disabled but able to hear to use their hearing while sending responses to a person who is able to hear via the HCO user’s typed text
    • Those who do not have TTY and wish to reach hearing-impaired persons through the relay service can call 1-800-855-0511
    • Hearing impaired persons who wish to reach other hearing impaired persons through the Relay Service can call 1-800-855-5511
    • To activate the 711 IP Relay Service :
      • 1. go to to create your account
      • 2. ask us your IP relay service activation by contact our Customer Service team: log into your Fizz account and simply click on the chat bubble located in the lower right-hand corner during our business hours.
      • 3. when we will received your request and admissible proof, we will send to you your Relay IP identification by email to use the service.

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