Need Data

Jash Posts: 3

Hello Friends,

I ran out of my mobile data this month and still have 15 days to go for the next cycle. Anyone who has extra data could please send be the gift. Much appreciated.

Referal code: H5CO1

Thanks 🙏


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    Hi @Jash

    Another member is giving out free data here -

    You can open that page and add your request 😊

  • Jash
    Jash Posts: 3

    Thank you Guy S for the gift 🙏

  • FRK
    FRK Posts: 2

    Hi @Jash

    There is also a Facebook group for data gifting. If you search "Fizz Partage de données", you should find it.

    Also, I hope what I just sent you helps to make your month.

  • mft25
    mft25 Posts: 7

    i am out of data with 15 days to go this is my referral code :BOAWL

  • C819
    C819 Posts: 1

    Hi ! @Jash

    Just sent you 3go :)