Already have a modem, how to activate it ?

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A just got a new appartement and the previous owner left her modem fizz (but inactivate it). How can I subscribe to a new subscription but without receiving a new modem (two seems a bit overkill) ?

Thanks for the answer

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    Hi @Elowyn

    Sorry , this can be bad for you :'(

    If the previous owner didn't unsubscribe with Fizz you are not able to do it.

    If he unsubscribe but he didn't return the modem this is ok for you, you will be able to subscribe, but you still need to receive the new modem, which is rented for free. The modem is associated with a specific account.

    To subscribe, this is the procedure, this the link to start

    Don't forget to use a referral code in order to receive the 25$ at your 2nd payment (me too) , yes you can use mine :D


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    Hi @Elowyn

    The previous owner need to return his modem to Fizz or he will get charged. You can contact customer service to let them know:

    Modem are free with your subscription. So when you will active your service you will receive your own. Don't forget to use a referral code like the one next to my username so we both get 25$ ;)

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