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My folks are visiting town for a few weeks (end of May~mid June), and I would like to get them a data-only plan during their stay here so I can contact them.

If I order the SIM card, subscribe for a 3GB data only plan for a month starting end of May (Canada-wide coverage, $23) and cancel after their departure, would I only be charged for the SIM + the plan which should be around $38? Would there be any unforeseen complications if I proceed this way?

Also, following unsubscription, could I re-subscribe using the same SIM later for a different Fizz plan?

Thank you for the clarification.

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    Hi @2slee88

    You will be charged for the SIM and the Plan, no you can close the contract any time without fees and reuse the SIM when you need it again.

    Remember to close the plan at least 2 days before the new billing cycle, but you already said that you will close after ~ 3 weeks

    After you close your plan, you can give your SIM card to a friend. They can use it to activate their own Fizz plan (with their own settings, etc.). This will save them from having to buy their own SIM card.

    The activation code for your SIM card is entered by default in the reactivation process for your Fizz plan. With this number, your SIM card can be associated with any Fizz plan.

    This is the guide

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