IPTV Service?

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I asked this question more than a year ago but let's try again lol.

I wonder if Fizz will offer IPTV service to its customers like VMEDIA and Virgin Plus does.

I just wonder why Fizz doesn’t offer that if they are a Videotron company so they should offer that, but anyway I hope someday they will offer this service.

If anyone knows anything let me know.


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  • Luke_Skywalker
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    Hello @HW

    Fizz will not go there some time soon. 😪

  • Han_Solo
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    Hello @HW

    Obviously, Fizz should not offer a service that will overshadow (loss of customers) Videotron. So for 5G or TV you will have to wait for some time (:-0

    The alternatives for TV, as @Luke_Skywalker said in another post, are:

    • HDTV aerial (UHF antenna)
    • Quebec/Canadian live/catch-up channel on the web (Qub.ca, Noovo.ca, ici.radio-canada.ca, Tout.tv, telequebec.tv, cbs.com, globaltv.com, etc.)
    • Independent IPTV provider

    IPTV is legal in Canada and in our country IPTV resellers give royalties to TV distributors. You can opt for an IPTV provider different from your Internet service and thus save without having an attachment. There are hundreds of providers around the world, so you have to shop around and opt for a paid provider that is established and gives royalties back to TV distributors.


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    Hi @HW

    For the moment no news

  • JRT
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    I hope one day

  • Fizzaddict
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    yes we hope they will offer a cheaper version of their Videotron offer as this is really expensive, especially sports channel

  • swatt
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    May be one day. We are waiting for this.

  • brouleau21
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    On garde les doigts croisés!!!

  • JRT
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    Peut etre avec la nouvelle acquisition, ca va faire évoluer les choses