Fizz versus Freedom Mobile. Which is better?

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Hello fellow Fizz Mobile customers. Freedom Mobile has some offers that are very inexpensive compared to Fizz. I am considering switching. My concern is about their coverage areas and that many of their less expensive plans do not include data roaming outside of major urban areas. Has anyone on here used both Fizz and Freedom and what was your experience with roaming (within Canada) on Freedom compared to Fizz?


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    It really depends where you live and where you need to be covered.

    A map of Fizz coverage can be found here:

    A map of Freedom coverage can be found here:

    Hope this answers your question! :)

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    Hi @Charles342, the problem with coverage maps is they do not reflect real world experiences by customers in basements, buildings, cars, etc. I've traveled around Ottawa and outside of the urban core, signal strength can vary a lot and mobile data speeds are slow. There is no comparing coverage of regional providers like Fizz or Freedom against the big three and their discount names, just looking to see if anyone on here has used Fizz and Freedom and had feedback to share.

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    I used both. I prefer Fizz, because it offers better perks and gifts, etc, even though the price is a bit higher. I would say that overall, you can save more money by participating a bit in Fizz forums, which is a big advantage over Freedom Mobile.

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    for you info, the Fed has allowed Rogers to takeover Shaw Communications, but it must spin off Freedom Mobile from his assets

    is freedom operating independently or it could be purchased by a bigger fish..aka Quebec Media ??

    this could give opportunity for servicing Western Canada and large metropolitan areas such as Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver...where freedom operates.

    and again, freedom is nothing but the former Mobilicity, rebranded freedom as soon as Rogers bought it, while Wind Mobile was purchased by ....Shaw !

    not cheap at all! $40 for 1gb LTE then reduced speed till the next 15Go (3G!) so backward. better to stick with Fizz.

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    I've used Fizz for almost 2 years now and I love it!

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    I was old freedom customer their service is really bad and lte is so slow, Im so glad i switched to fizz

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     I prefer Fizz

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    I have been with Fizz for more than two years and have no troubles, so would recommend.