Modem broke, they want to force more fees

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Hi, here's a simple story, I still can't understand.

So, my modem broke thanks to my cat.

I need a new modem.

Quite simple right?

They want to charge me 68.99$ as a repair fee over the 225$ fee for a broken modem.

There's nothing to repair, they refuse to let this go. They said the tech needs to look at my cable, and looking at a cable cost 68.99$

What can I do?

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    Unfortunately you will have to pay for the replacement if you have broken the modem.

    Are you sure it's a repair fee they want? I think it's a delivery charge to have the technician deliver the modem to you.

    Here is what Fizz writes "you will be charged a $225 (plus applicable taxes) modem replacement fee and/or $60 for delivery by a technician." source -

    Sorry there's something I am learning here - Always place the Fizz modem in a secure area.


  • They kept calling it a repair fee.

    I already agreed for the 225, of course, that's on me.

    But I could just cancel my sub, sub again, and get one delivered for free. This is more than absurd.

  • Mario_D
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    "Quite simple right?" Yes, quite simple indeed: you broke it, you pay for it. :-)

    "What can I do?" Close your account. wait 24 hours for the system to update. Register again with Fizz under another name. Voilà! No $60 fee. Use my referral code for the suggestion. :-)

  • Yea, like I said, the modem is totally on me lol.

    It's the "repair" fee that I'm getting annoyed with. There's nothing to repair. It's broken, you can't repair it.

    Whatever, thanks y'all

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    You're absolutely right.

    Do know that when you cancel, there will be a delay before you can subscribe again at the same address. And also you will have to select a plan from the current Fizz offers.

  • Well, I'm looking elsewhere now. After almost three years, they got greedy and lost me forever

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    Well the $60 (+tx) is NOT a repair fee (they obviously used the wrong wording). It is the service call. All modems are delivered by Videotron contractors (not even by fizz themselves). They raise a ticket and videotron will dispatch a technician to deliver and activate a new modem. The minimum fee for a call is $60. So unfortunately yes, it is pretty simple.

    If you called a plumber or electrician, it typically would cost you a minimum of 2hr labour for them to just show up, even for a 5 minute job. The contractors get paid a minimum fee per call, and that is the $60 they are trying to recover.

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