Data to donate :)

pretty cool this is possible.... anyway i got excessive data, id love to help someone out


  • SquikyBird
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    XBXFF 😀


  • Noi
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    Excellent initiative..

    Appreciate your generosity


  • Hello @ambrin, cheers for offering to gift your surplus data. If you choose me as a recipient, my code is 73TF9.

    Happy Fizzing.

  • Terked
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    I would appreciate it 🤗


  • 9BXSH merci :)

  • Irene
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    This is nice

  • gab_250215
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    Thank you for doind this 🤩

  • nooraldeen
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    Hello, please i need some gb, my wifi at work is extremely slow. CVBHR thank you very much to all donators

  • JPMallette
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    If you have some left, i Will appreciate...

    Thanks and have a good Day ;)


  • FlofloQC18
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    Omg I'm late on this one but if you could help out it would mean a lot! Thanks!!!