Plan transfer to another Fizz account

JeanTTT Posts: 2 ✭✭

Hi all,


I have 2 Fizz phone plans (2 different phone numbers) registered in my name. One account is mine, another one I created for my employee.

He has many, many things linked to that number. He is leaving the company and would like to keep his plan and his number. He is a Fizz client - home Internet registered to his name.

Now, his phone plan is visible and managed from my Fizz account. He can only perform very limited actions with the plan.


How can I transfer his phone plan and his phone number from MY name to HIS name? So he will get full control of his account and will be responsible for it. And I will have NO control of it at all.

This is a transfer from one Fizz client to another Fizz client.

Thank you! Hope someone can advise.