I am moving

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My new address is *******

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    here's the procedure to do it:

    1. Log into your Fizz account and click on My plans.
    2. Select your internet plan and click on Manage my plan.
    3. Click on Moving my service.
    4. Click on Edit.
      • Follow the instructions. You’ll have to:validate the availability of the Fizz Home Internet service at your new address;
      • schedule your installation appointment at your new address;
      • confirm your deactivation date at your current address.

    Don’t forget to bring your Fizz Wi-Fi modem with you at your new service address.

    Source: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/im-moving-how-do-i-change-my-address-my-home-internet-service


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    you can change your address online in your profile or contact customer support.

    I’s always better to not post such private information in a public forum

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    Hello @ayef, like others have pointed out, you can change your address information in your account. This forum is an open forum and just about anyone can access it, there is no privacy protection.

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