Gb to spare?

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Hey, i was wondering if some of you could hook me up with some GB’s! That would be great ! ✌️😁


  • Rydock
    Rydock Posts: 205

    IT is my first month dont have extra data but on my case data with fizz spend faster then koodo..

  • Philemon24
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    Some friendly tips...

    For those requesting data

    For those gifting data

    • Data must come from your current monthly basis
    • Data cannot come from:
      • a rollover from a previous month
      • an Upgrade
      • an Add-on
      • a previous data gift
    • You get rewarded too in My Rewards program
      • You'll get closer to getting your next Hero badge (for gifting data to 1, 5, 10, or 25 friends) earning more points
      • Gifting from your data plan gives you 3pts

  • Lignerty
    Lignerty Posts: 3

    Well, I'll definitely try!