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My cellphone screen is damaged. If I buy a new phone, will you buy my current phone?

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    Hello @Eddyboyz, to the best of my knowledge Fizz sources all its phones through Videotron and its suppliers. The pre-owned devices are likely devices returned by Videotron (and Fizz) customers within the 15-day return window. Fizz does not have a trade-in program like some other carriers, though damaged phones aren't worth much from what I've noticed. I suggest you try selling your device through one of the popular classified websites or at the very least reset it to factory settings and bring it to an electronics recycling depot, most electronics retailers will accept used electronics for recycling.


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    no Fizz does not offer this kind of service, however if you have purchased your device on the platform and it is still under warranty you can apply to assert your warranty.

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    Hi @eddyboy

    No, Fizz will not buy back your phone.

    On Fizz website you can buy a new or a used one.

    You can also buy any recent unlocked phone of your choice on the Internet (IOS, Android or Windows).

    You will then swap the SIM card to the new phone and it will work.

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