Where does data get used from first?

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Hey there,

For a while, I assumed that when we had different types of data (perks, gifts, rollover, upgrade, plan), the one that was the used first was the one that expired the first (also, the one on the top, and the one with the little blue indicator line), however this is not my experience at all. It's never been an issue, however, as I near the end of my month, or a bit over halfway through, I notice that the data that is taken is almost always gifts first, even if the gifts are not on the top, not soonest to expire, and not the ones with the blue arrow pointing at where the data level is.

I was wondering if this is because maybe I received the gift that data is coming out of prior to adding the perks, however I do not remember.

Anyway, would just like some insight into this. It would suck to lose the data from the perks, simply because it does not get used in time and other data that expires over a month later gets used first.

Would like your input into this, and whether or not any of you have an explanation to this, and to how to works.

Here's a screenshot of what I was talking about:

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    I have the same experience as you.

    Customer Service tells us that the blue arrow points to the data that should be used next, but I have also seen in reality that gifted data will be used first and foremost. I had created a ticket for the technical team regarding this same situation, but not much came of it. I hope Fizz will look into this issue and resolve it.

    For now, it's use it or lose it.


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    This is bad!! Give me New i want to know fizz solution!!

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    Would be nice to hear from Fizz about this. Seems like a bug. The only thing that I can think of is that it uses the full quantity of what was first used, before then going to the blue arrow. (Not sure if I properly communicated what I wanted to convey there).

    I'll do a test to see if that's the case and report back.

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    Okay, so I turned on my data, and went ahead and it's doing the same behavior. Not ideal.

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    Do you mean that your 512 MB gift as been depleated before the two 1GB perk ?

    If yes, it could be because you have activated the two perk after the 512 MB gift was depleated ?

    I say that because that screen don't show well the activation date. You have to know the life period of the perk/gift and do the calculation yourself.

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    View the the screenshot in the message of mine right before yours to see how it is not the case that the perks were activated post-gift.

    The gifts get used before anything else, regardless of activation date, and regardless of expiration date.


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    I've created a ticket as well, and will update if anything happens.

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    Ok, thanks, keep us posted. 👍️

    It's not the first time we ear about that. But sometimes there is a lack of info to really tell if it's a problem or not.

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