Roaming charges out of Canada ?

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i m very surprised how fizz charged us in regard of roaming data plan out of Canada:

  • cross the southern border and you gonna pay $20 for 1 Gb

  • but you travel to Europe (such as France, UK, SPain, Italy, Germany..)

well, your bill is much punitive :

  • now, in canada, this is what you are going top pay if you wish 1G as an addon !

you get it. roaming in Europe is far less expensive by far than bying data right here in Canada !!

even going to Dominica republic, you enjoy $5 for a 1 Gb

so, how is the possible ? does it make sense ?

Data in canada way more expensive than roaming fees overseas !!!

check it out yourself :

✅ it boils down to the market duopoly, lack of competition, poor regulation, useless crtc...

the biggest surprise ? US which charge 20 bucks for 1 gb !

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  • Emporium
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    Well it is no surprise that in North America we have some of the highest prices. That is unfortunately, common knowledge. In other countries, the prices all depend on the "deals" they can get with their partners. And in areas like in the US where they use more than one partner to "try" to get better coverage, the cost will surely reflect the worst case pricing they can get from the partners.

    In Europe they have been lights years ahead of us in terms of cell coverage/usage and maturity of their networks. And it shows, even when you try to get a local plan. Even in a small country like Greece, one of their largest providers (CosmoOTE) who is typically one of the priciest, offers data only plans for something like 120GB for $120 with 365 day expiry. That would only be a dream here :)

    Reality is, that with Fizz, they even recommend you get a local plan when you are travelling.

    Check out one of the first statements in this FAQ.

    You’ll be travelling several months abroad?

    We recommend purchasing a local SIM card. This will give you access to better rates on data.

    PREPAID Cell packages are primarily for local use. The roaming they offer are for short trips and convenience only. If you travel quite a bit and roaming options are important to you, then you should probably consider a "POSTPAID" service. Very few "prepaid" services even offer anything decent in terms of roaming options.


  • EricPD
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    in fact, roaming fees with « postpaid » service are often worse than Fizz travel add-ons. Example: 15$ per day to use your monthly data allowance in Europe… I can get a 30GB package with lots of sms and minutes for 15€ in Austria with a local prepaid SIM, Europe roaming included!

  • StefanM
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    I also would like to add that the prices in the US are properly higher because Fizz offers a Canada + US plan, which is way more cost effective than buying an add-on. Simple marketing I assume ;)

    As @Emporium pointed out, Europe is so much better. It was a total shock for me when I moved to Canada ( tbh I am not over this shock yet). I mean in Europe I had a plan of 15,- Euros (around 20$) for 25GB of data per month within Europe and unlimited minutes and text messages.

  • Emporium
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    However keep in mind in most places in Europe, cell phones have a different area code than regular land lines. This effectively allows phone companies to charge "long distance rates" to those calling you on your cell. So plans may be cheap for those who own the cell phone, but all your incoming calls are paid for by those calling you. Not sure I am crazy about that policy, but it has been like that for ages. Hence there are different rates if I call a regular land line in Athens for example, or if I call my cousin's Cell phone. And the difference is not small always. Calls to land lines can be as low as $0.02/minute, yet calls to Cell phones can be $0.10/minute (and depending on your long distance provider, I've seen even up to $0.30/minute.

  • Rydock
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    A lot less expensive!! Extra data are a lot ton Much expensive!!

  • kingTheod
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    thx for your feedback folks,

    right Emporium, nothing is perfect in this world.

    but at least, i do have the cheapest plan with Fizz so perks and data, no contract, no credit check.

    Europeans may have better internet / mobile plan & services but they are lagging way behind for energy ressources..!

    enjoy your plan with Fizz.!

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