Modem has all but 3rd and 4th lights on. (no internet coming to modem?)

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I suddenly lost internet connection for 2 hours now, tried to contact support and they did not help, answered with the generic "steps to restart modem etc.". I haven't changed anything and they said my modem is "out of specs".

I urgently need my internet for work, but support chat from mobile app takes 30-45 minutes to answer for each reply. how do other people deal with this kind of support? Am I supposed to "wait 24h" to contact support as I've seen in other forum answers?

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    Hi bigroy

    Please try unplugging your modem from the electrical outlet for at least 1 minute. Also unplug the coaxial cable from the coaxial outlet and the modem respectively, then plug it back in the outlet first and then in the modem, then try restarting the modem.


    Check the led status lights on the modem. If one of the 2 arrows is off or flashing this means that you have a problem with the signal, the coaxial cable can be a problem in your sector. For this kind of problem, you must contact Fizz support.

    Are you able to connect a device to the modem by ethernet cable? Can you check if the problem affects WiFi only or both ethernet & WiFi? 

    Also please check your Fizz account to make sure your plan payments are up-to-date.


    If there is no improvement, you can also try a factory reset of the modem by using a sharp object to press and hold on the small button found behind the modem for 10+ seconds, then let the modem reboot itself and test the connection.

    Be aware that you may need to redo the modem configuration.


    More info here:


    If the problem continues, you can contact customer support by Live Chat:

    1- Connect to your Fizz account by clicking « Login » in the top right corner at

    2- Any ad blockers in your browser should be disabled.

    3- Click on this link:

    4- The green chat bubble should appear after a few seconds in the bottom right corner.


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    Hello @bigroy, as @Fizzy pointed out, the best step is to unplug your modem for several minutes and plug in again, power it up and this should resolve the issue. Another step if this doesn't resolve it is to reset the modem to factory settings, either by the button on the modem or through logging in to the modem from your computer/tablet/smartphone. Ensuring the modem is clean of dust and the cable is tight are also a must. If these steps don't resolve the issue, log in to your account, go to My Settings, Contact Form and submit a complaint there, the exchange occurs by the email registered on your account and from my experience is more reliable than the online Chat features.

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    Dis nous si cela fonctionne et quelle était le problème cela pourrait aider quelqu'un dans le futur

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