How can I get a reward back?

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I accidentally remove a 2$ reward. How can I get it back?

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    Hi Emilie,

    Unfortunately, you gonna have to wait until the next month payment in order to put back a bonus that has been removed.

    And after that, you going to have to wait an other month payment in other to apply an other bonus.

    Next time, it is better to SWAP than Remove and add in order to trade bonuses, because in the case of swap, you only have to wait 1 month payment before swapping the bonuses. Versus the remove and you have to wait 2 months bill payment in order to complete the task.

    Many of us, has already made that mistake. Now you just need to wait unfortunately.

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  • Hello @Em_s123, as @Mataze pointed out, you will have to wait until the next payment period to add it back and then it won't come in to effect until the 2nd payment period. It is not an intelligent system in my view and unnecessarily cumbersome. But, there it is.

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