Transfer phone number from fizz to another company


So Fizz wont let me change my phjone number to another company. My plan is done I am not renewing. They are forcing me to pay a full month to allow me to have my number.

isnt this theft? force me to pay for a month knowing that the second its activated the other company is taking over the line


  • Dapfizzer
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    @Philippe R. 42401

    Hi Philippe,

    to keep your phone number at a new provider, first and foremost, DO NOT cancel your current Fizz service — only active phone numbers can be transferred to a new provider.


  • Philippe R. 42401

    i didnt cancel. i didnt pay my monthly payment because i switch to my company line.

  • Clive_ref_code_73TF9

    Hello @Philippe R. 42401, in order to transfer your number from one provider to another, your number has to be active, it is the same policy for all the providers. Once you stop paying for your monthly plan, the number becomes inactive. Phone providers 'own' phone numbers, we essentially 'rent' phone numbers for lack of a better comparison. If your number has been inactive for only a day or two, maybe Fizz might make an exemption but doubtful. Log in, go to My Settings, Contact Form and submit your request. Best of luck.