POV: Problems with preloved phone?

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Hi everyone,

I was thinking of getting a preloved phone from Fizz but I'm a bit sceptic about getting an used phone... Did anyone had problems with them in the past?


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  • Clive_ref_code_73TF9
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    Hello @mimillenium, as an observation I think the majority of people buying a pre-used device from Fizz have been satisfied with the device itself. Take note that Fizz changes the price of its devices up to several times per day so you can pay less/more depending on time of day you purchase. I've observed evenings are best but see for yourself before purchasing. At least with Fizz you have a 15 day window to return, a 6 month warranty, guarantee of it not having been blacklisted. Prices are reasonable though do fluctuate frequently. It is reasonable value though better deals can be found by those looking at other options.


  • Doomdrou
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    I can't answer for others, but I am usually avoiding used/refurbished goods in general, as the quality and condition of the goods may vary.

    However, I would not hesitate a second to get a preloved phone from Fizz, as they are well appreciated by their users and the associated warranty is very good. Just look at the posts on the forum and you will notice that they are good deals!

  • brouleau21
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    I never used Fizz preloved phone, but I did so with other providers and I never had any problems. Most of the time, those preloved are coming from people changing their phone on a super regular basis. those usually are fanatics about their toys. Otherwise it may have been a phone with some problems, but in this case they usually fix the faulty pices beforehand. So I would definitely take those over any brand new ones as they ar soooo much cheaper !