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Is there a way to put my home internet service plan on pause for a couple of months. I will be relocating to another country for a short period.

Thank you

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  • Emmanuel S. #36497
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    It's not possible.

    Depending on how long you should either move to the minimum (to keep your rewards) or cancel and re signup later.

    Probably it's best to cancel and resign up (and use a referral code to get a referral bonus)

  • Mario_FQDZA
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    But if you have a cheaper grandfathered plan and you cancel or modify it, you will pay the current rates if/when you come back.

  • Clive_ref_code_73TF9

    Hello @Princessa, Fizz does not have a plan 'pause' option, pay or lose it. As @Mario_D pointed out, the negative of canceling and then rejoining is when you rejoin, you must chose the plans and prices available at time of rejoining. Fizz has recently increased its plan pricing for new subscribers or those changing plans so the recent trend is up.

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