Can’t activate the 2$ rebate

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Hello, I have a 2$ rebate in my upgrades, but it doesn’t allow me to activate it. What can be the reason and how I can activate it? Thank you

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    Hi @Anne_Nicol_2021,

    Your upgrades can have any one of the following status:

    1. In use: you’re currently enjoying this upgrade every month. If you click on it, you’ll have the option to remove it from your plan.

    2. Pending activation: you chose to activate this upgrade, and it’ll be applied to your plan come your next payment cycle (and will, at that time, show the “active” status).

    3. Pending removal: this upgrade was active, and you chose to remove it from your plan, which will be done come your next payment cycle.

    4. Available: you can choose to activate it on one of your plans.

    To apply an upgrade on your plan:

    1. Log into your account, and go to Overview.

    2. In the left column, click on the summary that shows your My Rewards level. You can also scroll down below your usage summary to My Rewards and click on See details.

    3. Open the tab in the lower right-hand corner.

    4. Select the upgrade and click on Apply.

    5. At that moment, you’ll see the white boxes below your plan start to move. Those are the slots where your upgrade can be applied.

    - Some slots are locked and cannot welcome an upgrade yet. You’ll unlock these slots when you reach higher My Rewards levels

    - If you select a slot where there’s already another upgrade, we’ll ask you to confirm the swap. If you accept, the new upgrade will be applied to your plan come your next payment cycle.

    - The slots with a + sign are ready to welcome your upgrade.

    6. Select the slot by clicking on it.

    7. Your upgrade will be activated on your plan at the start of your next payment cycle.

     For more informations, here's my source:


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    Try the steps that Dapfizzer provided first. In case this doesn't work either, reach out to support (Settings ---> Contact Forms ---> Green Chat Bubble).

    It happened to me at the beginning too. I had to reach out to support. They forwarded it to their technical team and they could get it sorted.

  • Hello @Anne_Nicol_2021, it partially depends on your reward level, levels below 5 can have only two U[grades active at any one time. If this is the case for you and you already have two Upgrades active, you will have to remove/replace and then the new Upgrade will come in to effect the next monthly period.

  • @Anne_Nicol_2021, also consider that the $2 rebate Upgrade is applicable only to the specific service indicated, i.e. a $2 rebate for Internet will only apply if you have Fizz Internet.

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