How do i gift a perk?

Daniel P. 53829
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i wanted to know how i can gift a perk to my friend

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  • Brindille
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    Hi @Daniel P. 53829 ,

    Not all perks are giftable, but for those that are giftable (as @PF_Ref_D2U9A already told you), you have to...

    1. Log into your account. 

    2. Check that the Fizz member to whom you’d like to gift your perk to is listed in your Fizz contacts

    3. In the left column, click on the summary that shows your My Rewards level. You can also scroll

    4. down below your usage summary to My Rewards and click on See details. 

    5. In the perks section, click on Available. 

    6. Click on the perk you’d like to gift. 

    Note that a perk can only be gifted once.

    For more details here's my source:


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