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I want to suspend my home internet for 2 months.

Is it possible to manage it?

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    Hello @Afsanehsalehian, Fizz does not allow users to suspend their plans. You have some options:

    • just don't pay for two months and reactivate before 90 days, you may or may not lose any rewards, Perks and when you reactivate you will likely have to choose from the Fizz offers available at that time, Fizz does change plans available and often more expensive.
    • adjust your plan to the minimum'; the downside is when you change your plan you lose your existing plan, and when you want to re-use your service will have to choose from the plans available at that time which may be more expensive for the same speed.
    • Note that Fizz does sometimes change offers for new subscribers and for those changing plans.
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