invoices how do I get them for accounting

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Hello I need my last 4 months of invoices so I can make a payment for the phone.

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    Hi @4503693370

    Here's to get to the transaction History page :

    Login to your account any time to see how much data, minutes and text messages you have used during the current payment cycle for any plans that are on your account.

     View your current data usage and remaining data in your plan :
    1. Go to My Plans in your Fizz account.
    2. Scroll to see a usage summary for each Plan associated with your Account.
    3. Click on 'Details' to see more informations

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  • hi I need to make a payment now to get my service back,how do i do that right now?

  • Hello @4503693370, Fizz should re-activate your service once you make payment to cover your plan plus taxes, credit card is best. As for invoices, Fizz does not issue invoices the same as post-paid providers, with your name, address, name, etc. For business and/or CRA purposes, a print-out of your payment/transaction history should suffice.

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