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Hi - I am being sent to the CAF base in Shilo, Manitoba in a few weeks for military training. I don't want to leave Fizz; how can I get coverage in a province that doesn't offer Fizz without leaving my Fizz account? I'll be there until the beginning of May. Who covers for Fizz in Manitoba? Love Fizz, don't want to leave! TIA for any advice


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    From what I understood, coverage in Manitoba is provided by partners with the Canada - USA coverage plan. Otherwise, to use your cellphone, there's an add on for Canada on the add on list that you could use.

    Also, knowing that it is impossible for now to pause your Fizz plan, you can adjust your plan to its strict minimum (by only keeping the Quebec coverage in a mobile plan for instance) for the time being if you don’t want to lose your My Rewards status along with all your upgrades and perks, and purchasing a local SIM card.

    Reference: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/im-travelling-outside-my-coverage-zone-what-are-my-roaming-options

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    Hello @GabeThePlumber, with the Canada-wide coverage on your Fizz mobile plan you can travel anywhere in Canada and make calls to Canada. Note though that if you have only QC coverage, the change to Canada-wide won't come in to effect until your next payment period. If you will travel before that time, a travel add-on may be your best option until the change comes in to effect. Beware the polar bears in MB.

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    @GabeThePlumber, further, Fizz doesn't announce its partners. The Fizz website has a coverage map to show its coverage in most populated areas. Another option is to install a calling app (with its own phone number) on your phone to use on any WIFI available. Fizz doesn't currently offer calling or texting over WIFI.

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    Yep, as long as you have the Canada-wide plan you can use your phone for up to three months in Manitoba without any problems. Just make sure you have data-roaming activated on your mobile phone. The network will display as Fizz_EXT. Hope this helps :)

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